Getting Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) Certification!!!

Tips, mock tests, exam day and everything in between…

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Google Analytics Individual Qualification Certification:

The below steps might seem daunting to you but it is not. You just need to dedicate an hour daily for at least a week to get a grip on the concepts. Let’s start!

1. Getting Started:

2. Practice, Practice, and Practice!!!!

Note: I bought this course during the new year’s sale with really low price. For valid coupons, there are several links for you to check! I am adding the link that I use for valid coupons to buy courses from Udemy. Also, there is a sale on Udemy right now. Go check the website out!!!

3. Exam Day!

Open a tab on your browser, type in the link [Link Below] where you are about to take the test. Click analytics, and select the link Google analytics individual qualification and take the test. The test has 70 questions (MCQs) and you have to complete it in 60 mins. To pass, you need to score 80%.

Before taking the test, have a second browser open for the following links:

  1. Analytics Help
  2. Analytics Account
  3. Google (of course)

It is an open book test. If you don’t know the answer to any question, you can take help from the above two links. Although, it is, of course, not a good practice. The test is usually easy if you grasp the knowledge completely. If somehow, you fail to pass the exam, the academy allows you to retake the test after a day.

Note: The certification is valid for 1 year.

4. Links:

Demo Account:

Analytics Help:

Udemy Course:

Udemy Coupons:

Test Link:

Hope the above article helps!!!

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