BACCM is a conceptual framework for business analysis. The model encircles what business analysis is regardless of perspectives, industry, methodology, or level in the organization. It allows business analysis practitioners to communicate about business analysis with common terminology.

BACCM consists of six core concepts and no single core concept has greater significance over others. Each core concept involved is interrelated and defined by the other five concepts.

Core Concept — Change

Change signifies the future state of an enterprise. The improvements are intended and controlled by business analysis activities.

Core Concept — Need

In agile, the requirements are captured in the format ‘As a <role>, I want to <solution> so that <value>’.

Each C is incomplete without the other two. While the story cards represent the brief description of the feature, it is the conversation that holds the actual value of the story and recorded in the confirmation.

With the introduction of this format, throughout the project lifecycle, the customers and end users remain involved. …

Working through BABOK v3

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To say that ‘requirements’ are the basic building block of any software or a solution explains why it is pivotal to identify clear requirements before communicating and developing solutions around them.

Business Analyst must have an understanding of what type of information is needed to float, what needs to be addressed, and what should remain untouched. Not all requirements are to be built.

The way developers need to have the concept of how loops work and how conditions are implemented before they delve into coding and building any software solutions. BAs should know how to identify…

Working through BABOK v3

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It is a common understanding among people that the key activities of a business analyst such as eliciting, analyzing, validating and managing revolve around requirements only.

BABOK tries to eliminate this misconception. Business Analysts, at an initial or at some level, are also involved in the definition of the designs. The same activities that a BA performs for requirements, can be used for designs as well.

BABOK defines requirement and designs as,

The designs that are derived from initial requirements may, in turn, lead…

Tips, mock tests, exam day and everything in between…

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Google Analytics Individual Qualification Certification:

GAIQ is an industry-recognized certification that will help you upscale your game in google analytics. Google Analytics is a widely used web analytics service and getting certified is a sure way to enhance your proficiency.

The below steps might seem daunting to you but it is not. You just need to dedicate an hour daily for at least a week to get a grip on the concepts. Let’s start!

1. Getting Started:

To get yourself familiarize with the concepts of digital analytics, one first needs to complete two courses from Google Analytics Academy. 1…


A few months back, I found myself involved, in this daily heated conversation with a friend of mine about an issue, that everyone faces almost every January 1st. The new year was almost approaching us and I was determined to join the nearby gym as I had been feeling low and in a desperate need of some good exercises. She, on the other side, convinced that I am about to jump on a ‘new year new me’ bandwagon, like everyone else. Her argument was, almost everyone makes new year resolutions and fails to keep them!’. Therefore, I should not waste…


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